what moves you?


heal joints > move better > play again...IT'S THAT SIMPLE.

why monkeydo?

20+ years in the health & fitness industry
NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach (CSCS)
BS - Exercise Science, Colorado State University
ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist
NSPA Certified Personal Trainer
WFPF Level 2 Parkour CoacH
Parkour Coach at APEX Movement

about monkeydo

Sean “Coach Seanobi” Hannah is the man behind MonkeyDo. An exercise physiologist and strength coach with 20 years of experience in health & fitness, Sean has helped hundreds of clients rebuild their bodies from injury, surgery, and modern living.

Sean is also one of the country’s most experienced teachers and practitioners of parkour, known as “the art of movement." Sean has coached athletes of all ages (5-65+) in this dynamic and multi-faceted discipline since 2010.

Seanobi’s philosophy is simple:

Mobility is The Foundation...  Without an intelligent, committed mobility practice, any other fitness goal - weight loss, muscle growth, skill acquisition, etc. - will be impeded by pain, stiffness, and eventually injury. Training for durability, joint function, tendon strength, and pain-free movement is where anyone new to fitness (or coming back from an injury/surgery) should start.

Athletes whose mobility practice has been neglected in favor of raw power, strength, size, speed, etc. (and have the chronic pain and injuries to show for it) should also consider moving their training in a more joint- and tendon-focused direction.

...Play is The Result. The purpose of exercise is to MOVE BETTER. That's it. Those who come to fitness with this mindset are the ones who achieve lasting results because THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO MOVE FOR. It could be anything, from competitive sports to dancing to gardening to a skilled trade...if your movement MATTERS to you, you'll do anything to keep playing, and that's why you'll WIN.

In short - start with what you LOVE TO DO and BUILD A PATH back to it.

That's the MonkeyDo way.

This is why we only work with those who have a clear understanding of the movements they wish to acquire or improve. If you are only looking for a weight loss program or a "general strengthening" routine, this is not it.


What a radical idea :)

If this sounds like you, MonkeyDo offers completely individualized 3- and 6-month online training programs designed to enhance mobility, joint function, and overall movement capacity to get you out of pain and back into play.

All you need to do is ask yourself:

what moves you?

get moving today

We offer completely individualized movement training and joint repair programs, conducted online in a hybrid one-on-one and group format.